Let’s Remake:

We are Bonnie Fortune and Brett Bloom––artists, parents, and long time collaborators. We are deeply invested in exploring the intersection of culture and ecology. We believe artists have a valuable role in shifting from lives based on consuming to more resilient, healthy ways of being.

Let’s Remake began in 2006, as the Library of Radiant Optimism for Let’s Remake the World. Starting with a collection of books from the late 1960s and early 70s counter cultural movements, we amassed information about how to build a different world. From creative design and architecture to group living experiments to early social media network building, we were impressed with the groundswell of publications from this period that encouraged readers to try experiments of their own.

The Library is now archived here on this site with several titles available as a PDF download. Download titles here.

As Let’s Remake, we continue to create projects that reflect the experimental, social, and environmentally conscious ideals shared in the collected publications. Thanks for visiting.

The Alphabet of the Anthropocene (2014)

The Alphabet Tower