The Mythological Quarter

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The Mythological Quarter is our blog. We use it as a way to pay attention to the places we live and find ourselves working.

We focus on exploring the intersection of culture and ecology. We believe artists have a valuable role in shifting from lives based on consuming to more resilient, healthy ways of being.

Through interviews, recording city use, and producing original research, we document people, places, and projects that are taking a culturally based response to present day environmental issues.

The Mythological Quarter is a project in thinking ecologically about the world in which we live. We started from a micro-local standpoint documenting our own experiments from growing blackberries, or making tofu and passive greywater systems, in our Copenhagen apartment, situated in the Mytologiske Kvarter (several Copenhagen city blocks that are named after Norse gods).

We continually work to expand our knowledge by conducting interviews with artists and scientists working with these issues in hybrid and creative ways, as well as, reviewing books and exhibitions that are dealing with culture and ecology issues, wherever they might be taking place.  We think it is important to relate global issues to local life.

We have several running series on the blog that report on some of our interests and concerns. Such as: Artist Parents, Environmental Activism, Habitat, Neighborhood, and Book Reviews.